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Website Design & Development
Request For Proposal

Client Questionnaire for E-commerce Website Quote

Please be sure not to leave out any required fields. The more information you can provide us here, the quicker we can get you a proposal.

General Information

Are you willing and able to receive text messages?

Project Overview

e.g., increase sales, improve user experience, expand market reach

Design and Functionality

Do you have a specific design or theme in mind for your website?
Are there any websites you admire or would like to emulate in terms of design and functionality? Please include links to these sites.
Do you have existing branding elements (logo, color scheme, fonts) that need to be incorporated?
Are there any specific design elements or styles that you prefer?
Will you provide all the content (text, images, videos) for the website, or do you need assistance with content creation?

Technical Requirements

We typically build on the WordPress platform using the WooCommerce solution. Do you have any specific preferences or requirements for other platforms?
e.g., shopping cart, payment gateway, product search, user reviews
Do you need integration with any third-party services or software (e.g., CRM, ERP, email marketing tools)?
Are there any specific shipping or payment providers you plan to use?

Hosting and Maintenance

Our hosting services are required for any site we build. Do you have any specific hosting requirements or preferences?
Additional Resources or Services
Once the site is launched, monthly maintenance (software and security updates) will be required by someone with webmaster skills. This is a service we can provide if needed. Please refer to our maintenance agreement rates for the best value. Do you require ongoing website maintenance and support after the initial build?
How frequently do you plan to update your website content or features?

SEO and Marketing

Are you interested in SEO services to improve your site's visibility on search engines? Do you have specific keywords or phrases you want to target?
Are you planning any digital marketing campaigns (e.g., Google Ads, social media marketing)? Do you need assistance with setting up and managing these campaigns?

Budget and Timeline

Are there any specific deadlines or milestones we should be aware of?

Additional Information

Are there any additional features or requirements we should know about?
Do you have any questions or concerns about the development process?

Product Listings for E-commerce Sites

For e-commerce sites, we need to know the type and number of products needed for launch and if you or your webmaster will add these products to the back office.

Please bear in mind that beyond your initial design and development expense are ongoing recurring costs such as monthly hosting and maintenance, monthly e-mail (if needed) and annual SSL certificate renewals. You may also incur annual software renewal expenses as well. Please have a look at our pricing document for a comprehensive list of our pricing for the various services.

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